Voxlap voxel graphics engine

Воксельный движок использующий GPU возвращается (не будем брать в расчет дату последней новости – 2006 год). Voxlap от Ken Silverman’а.

Заявленные возможности

  • 6 Degrees of Freedom (move anywhere, look anywhere)
  • Room over room built-in, no hacks necessary
  • Accurate intersections so voxels look like perfect cubes up close
  • Fast CSG operations for: boxes, spheres, ellipsoids, cylinders, sectors, and 3D convex hulls
  • Voxel sprites with full matrix rotation (using .KV6 output format from SLAB6)
  • Support for sprite bending or twisting (great for animation such as a fish swimming)
  • Full-screen Z-buffer for bug-free clipping of sprites
  • Fog of any depth or color.
  • Mip-mapping for both world and sprites.
  • Support for Mercator-projection panoramas and converter for cubic panoramas (see KUBE / KUBEGL)
  • Smooth collision detection and sliding
  • Real-time WYSIWYG editor
  • Real-time lighting function
  • Support for procedural textures (wood, etc…)
  • Includes all basic functions necessary for a game – including my own sample game code
  • Automatically detects floating objects and makes them fall
  • 1024x1024x256 board map (this is plenty big if you take advantage of the depth)
  • My own optimized decompression library for PNG, JPG, GIF, TGA, BMP and ZIP files.
  • Everything in pure 32-bit color (with emulation for 24,16,15,8 bit color)
  • Uses modern compiler & OS: MS Visual C++ 6.0, Masm 6.15, Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • DirectDraw, DirectSound, DirectInput fully supported
  • Optimized assembly code, supporting SSE (Pentium III) or 3DNow! (Athlon) instructions
  • Doesn’t require a 3D accelerator 🙂

Доступны исходные коды, датированные 2005 годом.