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Chipmunk – многообещающий физический движок.
Его основные фичи (надеюсь перевод не нужен) :

  • Designed for 2D video games..
  • Circle, convex polygon, and line segment collision primitives.
  • Multiple collision primitives can be attached to the same rigid body.
  • Fast collision detection by using a spatial hash for the broad phase.
  • Extremely fast impulse solving by utilizing Erin Catto’s contact persistence algorithm.
  • Support for collision callbacks based on object types.
  • Impulses applied to contact points can be retrieved after the impulse solver has finished.
  • Several kinds of joints available.
  • C99 implementation, no external dependencies.
  • Ruby extension available.
  • Simple, read the documentation.
  • Unrestrictive MIT license.

Рекомендую посмотреть демки и примеры. Впечатляет.