Nexus Player flash firmware

Попытка обновления фирмвари приставки стабильно завершалась с ошибкой:

wiping userdata...
/usr/local/bin/mke2fs failed with status 1
error: Cannot generate image for userdata

Прыжки с бубном и потопывание ногами не помогало. Но решение проблемы оказалось простым – нужно обновить mke2fs до свежей версии:

$ brew cask install android-platform-tools


  • cv

    Remove the -w from the flash-all.bat file.

  • cv zay

    Hi guys! So I figured out why the error in the OP occurs. Looks like samteeee had the
    right idea to update platform-tools, but it’s a bit deeper than that. This error occurs
    if you are using the flash-all.bat with ONLY fastboot.exe. The command this batch file
    attempts to run is “fastboot format userdata”. If you run this command with fastboot.exe
    alone, you will get this message. The solution is to download the latest platform-tools
    from Google, extract it all, and put all of those extracted filed into the same folder
    with the factory image with the flash-all.bat file. I just tried it and was finally able
    to successfully flash the factory image. Hope this helps!

    • In my case, mke2fs tool too old and can’t make a file system in right way. In that case, a better way is to update the whole toolchain.

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