Искал простой способ менять цвет текста в statusbar’е, и нашел такой пост:

> – Is it possible to use colors in the status bar (e.g. a label in blue
> and the value in white or separators in gray)

In a very complex manner, yes. By modifying all the monitors to specify monitorname_hint to have value the appropriate substyle from the stdisp style, and setting this style to have the appropriate colour, you can get all the monitors to be display in any colour they want. Perhaps there should be a way to specify a style to use in the template, or perhaps the meter name should be included in the substyle used for the meter. However, there _will not_ be a way to specify colours directly: that is against the philosophy behind Ion’s drawing engines.

Как видно, простых путей нет. Придется делать костыли 🙁